Saturday, February 6, 2010

Israel's Messianic Jews Wary of Stepped-Up Persecution

Israel (ReligionNewsService)Last year, a teenage boy was nearly killed when an Orthodox Jew placed a bomb disguised as a holiday gift basket in the stairwell of a Messianic Jewish family in Israel. The attack left then 15-year-old Ami with shrapnel wounds and burns over most of his body. Teitel, the attacker, confessed to leaving the package there because he knew the family believed in Jesus as the Messiah. Now, members of the community are concerned that this kind of persecution may continue to intensify as it has in recent years due to the growing activity and confidence of anti-missionary groups who routinely hold protests outside of Messianic places of worship....
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that Ami and his family would find justice as well as mercy for their attacker.
Pray that the number of Messianic believers in Israel would continue to grow in spite of persecution and draw Israel to the truth of their Messiah.

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