Sunday, July 5, 2009

Muslims attack fleeing Christians with acid:9 women, 4 children injured by rampage

A door to a Christian's home in Pakistan demolished by a Muslim mob in this photograph from the Barnabas Aid
Wreckage of a Christian's home damaged by a Muslim mob in this photograph from the Barnabas Aid
Muslims apparently angered because a Christian man driving a tractor reportedly tried to pass a Muslim on a motorcycle have rampaged in one village in Pakistan, destroying Christians' homes and throwing acid on women and children as they fled, according to a new report from Barnabas Aid.
The ministry reported that the violence this week happened in the village of Bahmani Walla in Punjab state in Pakistan, which is dominated by Islamic influences.
The report said 600 Muslims used gasoline bombs to vandalize 117 homes belonging to Christians – including 48 damaged by fire, and sabotage water pumps and cut electricity...
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ICC reports the incident too:
Muslim Mob Burns Down 100 Christian Homes in Pakistan:Riot Incited via Mosque Loudspeakers; Mob Throws Acid on Women and Children....
WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 1, 2009) - This morning 100 Christian houses and churches were set on fire by local Muslims in the city of Kasur South, east of Lahore, Pakistan.The riots were incited by broadcasts from local mosques.This incident is similar to a February 1997 attack when thousands of Christian houses and churches were burned and hundreds of Christians were injured.ICC partners received the news this morning and went immediately to the scene to help injured Christians transferred to Lahore, renting two mini vans for this purpose.So far 9 burned women and 4 children have been transferred to Lahore for further medical treatment.All of them have been injured by throwing acid on them. Local police have arrived on the scene but the situation is out of control as thousands of Muslims have gathered for this purpose.
More details to follow.
Please call the Pakistani embassy in your country to ask them to protect the Christians in Kasur South.
Pakistan Embassies:
USA:(202) 243-6500
Canada:(613) 238-7881

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