Saturday, April 4, 2009

PAKISTAN:Sisters Lured Into Horrific Trap

Warning: Story Contains Graphic Content
Two Christian girls in Pakistan have finally been rescued after two Muslim men kidnapped them two months ago,raped them repeatedly, forcibly converted them to Islam, and sold them to other men as sex slaves. Despite this intense psychological trauma, the girls had the courage to tell their local government that they would never leave their Lord.Sisters Parvisha, 18, and Sanam, 14, received a call in early November 2008 from their neighbor, Muhammad Irfan, offering them training in cosmetology and jobs in his beauty salon. Parvisha, the oldest of seven children, convinced her father, Pastor Sharif Alam, to allow her to take the opportunity so that she could help support their struggling family. Irfan told the girls that he would come to pick them up since they did not know where his shop was.
Kidnappers Drug, Rape, Force Sisters to Accept Islam
On November 12, 2008, Irfan picked the girls up with the help of another man, Muhammed Mehboob, drove them 30 minutes away from home and stopped to get drinks. The girls' drinks were heavily drugged, and when the sisters came to they found themselves locked in a small hotel room almost 500 miles away from their home in Gujranwala. At gunpoint, the girls were told that if they tried to escape or made any noise they and all of their family would be killed...
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As in the days of Noah....

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