Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prisoner Alert:Gulsher Masih

Location: Pakistan
Arrested: October 2008
Days Imprisoned:133
Gulsher Masih is in prison in Pakistan, charged along with his daughter, Sandul Bibi, with violating section 295-B of the Pakistani legal code, the “blasphemy” law. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report that Sandul found pages of the Quran on the ground picked them up and handed them to her Muslim neighbor. As a result, she and Gulsher were falsely accused of ripping pages from the Quran. On Oct. 9 a large crowd of Muslims attacked Gulsher’s home throwing stones and firing guns. They were shouting, “Kill Gulsher and his daughter Sandul.”Gulsher and Sandul were arrested after a mob from the local mosque surrounded their house.Loudspeakers from different mosques broadcast accusations that Christians had disgraced the Quran, calling Muslims to attack and burn their homes.The angry crowd threw stones at Gulsher’s home. Christians believe Gulsher and Sandul were targeted and arrested because they were aggressively winning Muslims to Christ. If convicted, Gulsher faces at least four years in prison. Gulsher, Sandul and their family greatly appreciate your prayers during this challenging time. Also write a letter of encouragement to Gulsher’s daughter, Sandul Bibi, who is being held at the same prison.
To see how you can help Gulsher,you can click on the link below:
As in the days of Noah...

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