Sunday, October 19, 2008

Violence Against Christians in Orissa:Please call your Representative today!

During these uncertain economic times, it can be hard to focus on issues on the other side of the world. Yet, this is a good opportunity to empathize with and act on behalf of Christians in Orissa who face great physical uncertainties.Recently Congressman Akin introduced a Congressional resolution calling on the Indian government to stop the violence against Christians and to protect religious freedom for Indians of all faiths.We need your help to get more Congressional signatures on this resolution. To be more effective, the resolution needs bi-partisan support. We are partnering with other like-minded organizations to gather more Congressional signatures.Please take a minute to call your Representative’s office and ask him/her to co-sponsor House Concurrent Resolution 434 when Congress reconvenes. This resolution calls on the Indian government to stop violence against Christians in Orissa. You can find your Representative’s phone number here, and a sample phone script here.
From Open Doors USA
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