Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christian activist to be arraigned today for refusing to honor 'free speech zone'

The director of Christian activist group Repent America will be arraigned today in a Philadelphia courtroom on charges of unlawful preaching. Michael Marcavage had been preaching to people on a public sidewalk outside the Liberty Bell Center this past October when he was arrested by officers from the National Park Service. The arrest came after he refused to move to a so-called "free-speech zone" across the street from the building housing the Liberty Bell. The incident occurred during Repent America's annual pro-life evangelism tour, and according to Marcavage, he was just exercising his constitutional right to free speech."It's a very dangerous case and another example of how our nation is headed down this path of destruction when people are not free to speak," he cautions. "Then we find ourselves in a society in which we're no longer enjoying the liberties God has bestowed upon our nation." And it is ironic, he adds, that his right to free speech was challenged in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American freedom.The chief ranger at the site told Marcavage that due to policy changes, freedom of religion and speech are prohibited anywhere on the public park grounds without a permit, and only then if in the free-speech zone.

As in the days of Noah....

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